The purpose of this form is to provide the best personalized service possible to our customers. At Mandaric Bicycles, we won't make you "adapt" to the bike. We'll do just the opposite - we'll adapt your bike to you. Everything, starting from specific frame geometry, to choice of frame material, fork rake, careful component choice, sizes and setup, even the choice of frame color, with custom paint options, will make your bike a unique machine built just for you from the ground up.

How it works

When this form is submitted, we will review your information, analyze it, and work intensively on determining the right geometry for your future Mandaric frame. We will contact you to discuss all the details about your preferences, suggestions and/or possible problems with your present bike. Then we will calculate and determine your final frame geometry with all the tube lengths, positions and angles. With this option, you will receive completely unique geometry and we will build your frame from scratch, based on a CAD drawing. Your custom geometry will be totally adapted to your body composition and style of riding.

When we agree upon everything, and receive your final approval, we will start working on your bike. It will take approximately 2-4 weeks between the time we receive your payment and the time your bike is ready to be shipped.

Benefits of Our Custom Geometry

There are various categories of those who can benefit from this feature, such as petite women riders, very tall riders, riders with very short torso vs. long legs, very long torso vs. short legs, very long arms, etc.

The geometry of your custom frame can also eliminate the problems you may be experiencing on your present bike, such as neck pain, back pain, your torso stretched too much (or not enough), feeling that you are too much forward, or too much behind on the bike, sitting on the very tip of the saddle, etc. Our custom geometry will enable you to reach the most important goal: your ability to use (not waste) the maximum amount of your energy and reach the best results possible, whether you compete, ride for exercise purposes, or you just want to enjoy your bike.

Please note, if it should take more than a month after today's date until you will actually purchase from us - please do not submit the form now, but at the later date when you are ready.

Geometry Form